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Cultural heritage and 3 D City models

World-novelty with Geoverse

DOCUMENTATION and RECONSTRUCTION – also in combination with any 3 D city models

Our world-wide unique solution for 3 D reconstruction and computer-generated visualization sets new standards in the field of cultural heritage documentation and 3 D city modelling.
within short term of notice we are able to produce high-precision and photorealistic documentation also of very complex details without time and resources consuming modelling with mm- accuracy. (
In contrary to technology on the market so far we offer with Geoverse MDM solutions for visualizations with loading time of less than 1 sec. on off-the shelve Laptops or similar.
this enables any architect, planer or developer to manipulate or digitize with the full data-detail in 3 D without any loss of accuracy or detail. The production of as-built maps, profiles or simply for any digitization the data are ready. The combination with any other 3 D data such as 3 D City models has already become a standard in our production and offering of our services. You may share all the details with any visitor on your homepage or in your internal computer network.