Engineering Surveys

Engineering Surveys is one of the core competences of the company.

Engineering Surveys
  • Production of maps and plans
  • 2D – 3D mapping
  • Utility cadastre
  • Digitising of analogue maps
  • Profile mapping
  • Geodetic networks
  • GPS surveys
  • Street projects survey
  • Railway projects survey
  • Construction control measurement
  • Construction set out
  • Industry documentation
  • Tunnel surveys
  • Deformation control
  • Automatic Construction Monitoring
  • Deformation-Analysis with Sensor-Control-Software and Communication boxes
  • Deformation-Prediction

Tunneling survey

Large tunnels for the railway at Semmering and Koralm (Austria), expertise for accuracy-analysis and system configuration

With fully automatic Robotic-Surveying Systems we produce as-built and topographic maps in the field of road construction, railway design, river-bed surveys and industrial sites survey. This enables us to offer short delivery and production time for the maps with optimized and guaranteed accuracy of each single point.

GPS receivers and GPS technology is standard since the 1990s for the establishment of benchmarks and ground control points. In case of large construction sites GPS is used as the basis and reference for the overall data management in surveying by using GSM data transfer as not to hinder any construction work progress with any surveying on site.

Setting out, height control, deflection or works progress measurements in the field of road construction and the setting out of road centerlines as well as high precision survey for the industrial and machine oriented tasks such as the car manufacturing industry or the oil-production and pipeline industry is performed by an experienced team of academic and practical surveying engineers.

In all riverbed and hydrographic tasks we measure cross-profiles by echo sounding devices and GPS based geodetic surveying.
Hidden transmission or utility lines can be easily detected and georeferenced by using our GPR – Ground Penetration Radar system Mala with high accuracy.

We are used to implement such data recordings into an appropriate GIS system for the establishing of a utility cadastre and data management system.