Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV)

Our UAVs and the companies own processing software enables us to produce high-resolution images and guarantee a most sophisticated processing.

We offer our drone-system as a most economic, easy to handle and fast available technology for  the following areas of activities::

  • Documentation of buildings under construction
  • Surveying of quarries and deposits for documentation and volume measurements
  • Monitoring for environmental purposes
  • Monitoring and inspection of windmills and industrial complexes
  • Surveying and photogrammetry and documentation of cultural heritage sites
  • Measurements for architecture,  and planning purposes
  • Marketing of real-estate objects

Documentation of buildings under construction

Construction of buildings will be documented and monitored with low costs and in standardized form. The development of construction can also be monitored in chronological way also in combination with the chronological BIM model in all dimensions indoor and outdoor.

A typical application is  the controlling and mass-detection for roads and other infrastructure objects in a constant time pattern by regularly flying the sites and taking aerial images for further processing and change detection.

Surveying of quarries and deposits

We offer the generating of 3 D models, surface or terrain models (DSM or DTM) and orthophotos within short time of notice without interfering into the construction work. Even in very remote areas, our technology has proven to be economic and available with short mobilization time.

We offer the following services:

  • 3D models, elevation models. orthophotos
  • Calculation of volumes and change detection with processing of excavated material (cut and fill determination)
  • Monitoring of movements of slopes
  • Contour-line calculation and deriving any (cross-)profiles as well as line mapping
  • Official documentation for open pit-mines


We offer the best technology for a fast and safe supervision of areas that are difficult to access or areas of large objects and industrial complexes. The high-resolution cameras enables you to detect and provide and excellent inventory including cracks or even small damages at bridges, tunnels, and steel constructions.

This our system offers you the possibility for a comprehensive monitoring and inspection of power-lines and dams.

Surveying and Photogrammetry

Our specific drones are well suited and designed even for very complex situation and tasks when highest quality in imaging and in surveying precision.

We are able to guarantee even sub-millimeter accuracy, depending on the requirements. As a common standard, the 3 D modelling accuracy of  +/- 1 cm is sufficient but in indoors and outdoors documentation of historic objects such as churches and mosques we are able to adapt our drones depending on the cultural historic organizational requirements and DIN norms. An excellent example for this application is  the large and famous clock-tower of  the city of Graz in Styria/Austria or the complete documentation of  the castle of Eggenberg in the same city.
We also offer and use our UAVs for the regular determination of volumes in quarries.


  • Surveying of difficult to reach objects and areas (deposits, quarries, slopes, open pit mines, etc.)
  • 3D calculation and measurements of volumes in an chronological way
  • Documentation of environmental disasters and emergency matters
  • 3D modeling and visualization
  • Digital surface and terrain models
  • Topographical mapping, contour maps, as-built maps and documentation
  • Orthophotos

Computer-Visualization of architecture and 3 D buildings

This company-owned technology has been developed to a highly sophisticated system for  the 3 D interactive visualization of real estate from the air. This has emerged to become a perfect accomplishment to  the original surveying and a perfect tool to present a just designed building or construction of a large number of interested customers even worldwide through the internet. The highest quality of such 3 D models is requested to be successful in marketing and sales activities of any developer.  

Our drones and our software Geoverse® are the most economical tool for developers and construction companies, architects and planners in the real-estate environment. The situation and any details of an object is a prerequisite for a successful marketing and a successful presentation. As the system has unlimited capacity in size of objects and can be experienced and manipulated in real-time you can work on your ordinary PCs or Laptops with very low capacity requirements (no large computer and processing required!).

Aerial images from drones offer new perspectives. The highest detail and accuracy in combination with new or existing 3 D City models and environment data are becoming a necessity to successfully sell high priced real-estate with most economical and spectacular technology and within very short time.

Photorealistic 3 D models will be produced also with our multi-copter drones or terrestrial laserscanning in digital form and based on the strict regulations of any AirTrafficControl laws.