Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV)

As one of the result of our research and development activities during the last years is the field of data capture and photography with unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV). We nowadays are proud to announce that our image processing software is able to produce 3 D DEM and DSM with centimeter accuracy.

the data captured for the landmark in Graz showed that it is possible to successfully apply this technology for high precision projects without relying on photogrammetric cameras or other pre-calibrated sensors in limited areas such as waste-deposits, landmarks, archeology and as-built maps for infrastructure installations and traffic lines. Based on highly overlapping photography our software will automatically process the 3 D data although the configuration and orientation of the images can be in a completely random distribution.

So you don’t need any photogrammetric calibrated cameras for such tasks.

The UAV system accomplishes our wide range of photogrammetric technology with a large variety of applications in geodesy and image processing.